Microfluidic switch valve

Introducing our cutting-edge Switch Microfluidic Valves available in 4-port or 6-port, the perfect solution for precise and reliable control of fluid flow in your fluidic system. Designed to meet the most demanding research and industrial requirements, this valve offers unparalleled performance and flexibility with no dead volume and low internal volume. The valve’s advanced design enables rapid response times, with smooth and precise operation for all your switching needs.

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  • Optimized reagent consumption using liquid recirculation setup : For some experiment protocols like liquid recirculation, switch microfluidic valves design could be required. Using a 2-position 6-port switch valve (VS1-6), it is possible to create a system that recirculates the liquid between two vials, all the while maintaining the flow in the same direction in your flow cell
  • Minimal liquid contamination and no dead volume design, thanks to AMF unique in-house manufacturing process, and high-quality standards including manual final inspection 
  • Easy Plug and Play, only two screws to remove for changing the valve on the motor
  • Standard fluidic connections
  • Low carryover volume allowing fast liquid switching, reagent, and money saving 
  • Lowest internal volume of the market
  • Plug available in PTFE, designed for high chemical compatibility

Additional information

Valve Design

Switch Valve – 6-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-6-050-C-P, Switch Valve – 4-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-4-050-C-P, Custom Design


Ref. V-S-1-4-050-C-P

Ref. V-S-1-6-050-C-P
Number of stage11
Number of ports46
Wetted materialsPCTFE, PTFEPCTFE, PTFE
Internal volume2,5 μL2,8 µL
Carryover volume
0,6 μL0,8 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

Application and technical notes