64-Port Rotary Valve - Custom Recirculation Microfluidic Valve
Mar 2024

The symphony of AMF’s custom 64-port microfluidic valve

Advanced Microfluidics (AMF) continues to lead the charge with custom solutions tailored to meet the precise needs of its clientele. Among its latest innovations, the custom-designed 64-Port Valve stands out as a testament to the company’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the field.


Customizing fluid precision

Microfluidics, a science that manipulates tiny amounts of fluid for various applications, from medical diagnostics to chemical analysis, has been rapidly advancing. However, the need for customized solutions has become increasingly apparent, as every project demands unique specifications in terms of design (footprint), functionality, and materials (chemical resistance and biological compatibility). Addressing this need, AMF has dedicated itself to providing tailor-made microfluidic components, ensuring that each project’s distinct requirements are met with precision and efficiency.

Innovation at the core

This 64-Port Valve stands out with its unique features, designed for unidirectional and simultaneous recirculation of eight channels, ensuring high stability even at low flow rates. This innovation, combined with the ability to manage eight independent channels with optional recirculation, propels research and development to new heights. With dual positions and 64 individual ports, it allows for precise, unidirectional recirculation of fluids, which can accelerate experimental processes by up to eight times, all within a remarkably compact footprint.

Despite its customized nature, it maintains essential benefits: minimal carryover, no dead volumes for reduced contamination, user-friendly operation, and materials tailored for optimal performance

Design that speaks volumes

Designed and machined with precision, using our CNC 5 axis, the valve and rotor’s design mirrors the complexity and harmony of a music box, albeit in the realm of microfluidics. Like a band conductor ensuring each note contributes to the overall symphony, this valve meticulously controls fluidic paths, enabling experiments and processes to be conducted more efficiently and with greater control.

Broad application potential

The versatility of the 64-Port Valve opens a wide array of applications, from dynamic cell culture systems to intricate live cell imaging. Its ability to handle multiple fluid streams simultaneously without cross-contamination is crucial for experiments requiring strict environmental control and timing. This makes it an invaluable tool for researchers and professionals in various fields, including biotechnology, pharmacology, and environmental testing.

Customized for your needs

Understanding that each project has its own set of challenges and requirements, AMF works closely with clients to customize its components according to their specific needs. From the choice of materials, configuration of ports, different communication protocols or even a whole system, every aspect of our products can be tailored to ensure optimal performance for the intended application.

Whether your project is just starting out or moving into full-scale production, our engineers are here to assist, offering tailored solutions for any development stage or requirement.

Looking forward

As the microfluidic landscape continues to evolve, AMF remains at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with custom solutions like the 64-Port Valve. With a firm commitment to innovation and client collaboration, AMF is not just responding to the current needs of the microfluidic community but shaping the future of the field.

Are you designing a new device where the fluidic needs to be optimized?

Each microfluidic experiment is unique and calls for a tailored fluid handling solution.

We’ve successfully created fluidic systems with various features, including chambers, cells, and layered valves for technologically advanced commercial instruments. Our custom products, built with precise channel structures and robust machining processes, have been used for a variety of applications.

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