Innovative research in Microfluidics & Ion Mobility Spectrometry
AMF - C. Thoben - Regarding the influence of Additives and Additionnal Plasma - 1
Mar 2024

Innovative research in Ion Mobility Spectrometry & Microfluidics

We extend our congratulations to C. Thoben and his team for their groundbreaking work in the field of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). Their mid-2023 publication, “Regarding the Influence of Additives and Additional Plasma-Induced Chemical Ionization on Adduct Formation in ESI/IMS/MS,” marks a significant advancement in analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry.

New dimensions in Ion Mobility Spectrometry

In their publication, the team of researchers explores the mechanisms of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). This work serves as a guide for scientists looking to understand the complexities of electrospray ionization (ESI) and its effects on ion mobility peaks. By examining how different solvents and buffer additives influence the formation of sodium adducts and protonated species, the research offers a detailed understanding that could significantly change the field of analytical chemistry.

AMF - C. Thoben - Regarding the influence of Additives and Additionnal Plasma - 2
The publication details the experimental approach, highlighting the interaction between various chemical entities within the IMS framework. This exploration has practical implications across multiple disciplines, including pharmaceuticals and environmental science. Understanding these interactions leads to more precise measurements, improved data interpretation, and better decision-making in critical research areas. The findings open new possibilities for enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of IMS analyses.

Pioneering precision: AMF’s role in IMS research

Advanced Microfluidics (AMF) is providing essential tools that empower researchers in analytical chemistry. Our involvement in this study on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) highlights our dedication to scientific advancement and precision. By supplying state-of-the-art microfluidic devices and automated liquid handling systems, AMF has enabled the research team to achieve unprecedented precision and control.

Our technology’s role in this research is transformative. The precise delivery and control were made possible through AMF’s LSPone, our Laboratory programmable Syringe Pump (combined with a rotary valve). This precision ensures that every variable in the experiment is meticulously controlled and automated, leading to more reliable and reproducible results. The success of this study not only showcases the versatility and efficiency of AMF’s LSPone but also demonstrates how our technology can overcome challenges faced in analytical techniques like IMS.

Our involvement in this significant research is a testament to our vision: to revolutionize microfluidic practices and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries that enhance our understanding of the world.

Elevating experimental accuracy with AMF technology

AMF_LSPone_1          AMF_SPM_1
AMF’s LSPone and SPM, the industrial OEM version, provide unmatched precision, automation, efficiency, and reproducibility in liquid handling and sample preparation. In experiments like those conducted in the study, our products ensure that solvents and additives are mixed and delivered under controlled conditions. This level of control is crucial for the accurate interpretation of IMS data and significantly enhances the performance of ESI/IMS/MS analyses.

Want to know more about IMS?

For those interested in the advancements in IMS and eager to learn more about the methods used, additional details and insights are available in the full research paper. It provides an in-depth overview of the methodologies, challenges, and innovative solutions employed in this significant breakthrough.

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