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About us & our mission

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We aim to speed up the development and reliability of microfluidic-based instrumentation technologies to enhance human welfare and environment.

Our mission is to provide innovative microfluidic technologies for instrumentation dedicated to industries and academics, with an important focus on robustness, quality, performance and cost. In line with our vision, we are dedicated to create microfluidic solutions with very low internal volumes and designed for easy and smart integration for biotech, Medtech and life science applications.

Our story

It all started when someone needed a solution that didn’t exist

Our first partners were developing a complex lab automation project and could not find suitable components on the market. They approached us and together, we developed a solution that specifically met their needs. Our first product was born, the automated sample preparator.

The know-how that resulted in this partnership enabled us to identify several additional market needs and develop more products.

What we do

We are experts in OEM Industrial Microfluidics and liquid handling automation

To perform reliable liquid analyses, you need to create an automatic liquid management system. This requires various tools, a specific know-how and expertise in a wide range of domains. We aim to make your sequential dispensing protocol simple, precise and with minimal contamination.

We create robust industrial microfluidic components and on-demand services, allowing to reduce sample size, reagent cost and experiment time. Our products are in-house Swiss-made. Our reactive team provides quality engineering.

They trust us

From top-tier academic institutions to pioneering biotech companies, Advanced Microfluidics is the preferred partner for innovative microfluidic solutions. Our track record of excellence and precision has earned us the trust of industry leaders, driving us to push boundaries and redefine possibilities together.

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