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Welcome to Advanced Microfluidics SA, where innovation and precision unite to transform scientific research and industrial processes. As a specialized microfluidic device company, we take pride in delivering high-performance automated liquid handling systems and OEM microfluidic components tailored to meet your unique needs. Our cutting-edge technology focuses on fluidic performance, reduced cross-contamination, and no dead volumes, making us the trusted partner for laboratories and industries at the forefront of technological advancements.

At the heart of all your experiments lies microfluidics, a field that revolutionizes the way fluids are manipulated at the microscale, unlocking a myriad of applications across diverse domains. Here, we present a glimpse of the remarkable applications where microfluidics, combined with our Microfluidic Electric Rotary Valve (RVM), Sequential Microdispenser (SPM), and Laboratory Syringe Pump (LSPone), brings extraordinary advantages and precision.

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Microfluidic flow cytometry quality water analysis

Microfluidic flow cytometry application for bacteria online monitoring in drinking water using BactoSense technology Download PDF Maintaining drinking water safety and measuring its quality is a permanent challenge. Currently, water evaluation uses the traditional HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Counts) manual method and FCM (flow cytometry) [...]
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Microfluidics for education: rapid prototyping testing

With its plug-and-play setup, the LSPone is very well suited for practical works in education. It is used in Swiss universities.The aim of this practical work is to learn the technique of rapid prototyping for microfabrication and to test the fabrication by observing the flow of 2 liquids using optical [...]
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Microfluidic sample preparation

Microfluidic samples preparation for online liquid analysis with chemical reaction Download PDF It is possible to combine our products into more complicated automated systems. Here, an SPM, an RVM and a custom mixing module are used together to prepare samples for online liquid analysis (with chemical reaction). Several parameters [...]
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Microfluidic automatised cell culture media management system

Combining an SPM and an RVM, it is possible to create an automatic cell culture media management system.At the input, different medias or components of medias are connected, so as to test the perfect media balance for your cells, or simply to renew/change the media automatically.At the output, the media [...]
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