12-port microfluidic distribution valve

12 Port microfluidic distribution valve available in 0.50 mm channel diameter or in 0.80 mm channel diameter, PTFE or UHMW-PE materials.


  • Minimal liquid contamination and no dead volume design, thanks to AMF unique in-house manufacturing process, and high-quality standards including manual final inspection 
  • Easy Plug and Play, only two screw to remove for changing the valve on the motor
  • Standard fluidic connections
  • Low carryover volume allowing fast liquid switching, reagent, and money savings  
  • Lowest internal volume of the market
  • Plug available in PTFE, designed for high chemical compatibility or in UHMW-PE, a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic

Additional information

Valve Design

6-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm 2 stages ultra-low volume : V-D-2-6-050-C-P, 6-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-6-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 1mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-100-C-U, 10-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-050-C-U, 10-port Distribution Valve – 1mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-100-C-U, 12-port Distribution Valve – 0.50 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-050-C-U, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.50 mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-12-050-C-P, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.80 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-080-C-U, Switch Valve – 6-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-6-050-C-P, Switch Valve – 4-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-4-050-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.50 mm PCTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-050-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.75 mm PCTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-075-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.75 mm PTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-075-P-P, On/Off Valve – 4 stages 0.50mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-O-4-2-050-C-P


Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-U
Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-P
Ref. V-D-1-12-080-C-U
Number of stage111
Number of ports121212
Internal volume
4.5/3.4 μL4.5/3.4 µL11.6/8.8 µL
Carryover volume
2.8/1.78 μL2.8/1.767 µL
7.0/4.3 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm0,8 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars7 bars

Application and technical notes


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