RVM – Rotary valve

The ultra-low internal volume rotary valve

Handle smaller samples. Reduce contamination.

This is an OEM product. It can be tailored for the needs of your instrument.


Our OEM valve is a precise low-pressure electric rotary valve designed for automated microfluidic applications. Its exceptionally small channels and accurate positioning system make it ideal for precise liquid handling.

Showing an unrivaled small wetted volume and an exceptional ease of use, this valve is the perfect companion for liquid distribution in your instrument or laboratory experiments at a reduced cost. A low power model exists for a minimum battery use and a fast one exists for your time-specific applications.


  • Straightforward integration
  • Low power
  • Small footprint
  • Fast switching speed
  • Chemically resistant and biocompatible materials


  • Sample preparation automation
  • Multiplexing
  • Sample loops
  • Adapted for battery operated devices


  • Select channel
  • Change flow path
  • Stop flow or isolation


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Technical specifications

 Valve configurations


Lets you choose 1 among N channels.

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VD1-6 channels
Cut view of the channels linking the ports on each stage.
VD1-6 channels
VD1-8 channels

Internal volume 2.84 μL

Carryover volume 1.07 μL

Dead volume None

Known aliases for VD1-6: 7-port/1-channel valve, 6-port distribution valve, 6-port selection valve


ON/OFF series

Simple switch. Flow or no flow.

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Cut view of the channels linked the ports on each stage.


Internal volume 2.75 μL (0.5 mm channels), 3.98 μL (0.75 mm channels)

Carryover volume 0.98 μL (0.5 mm channels), 2.21 μL (0.75 mm channels)

Dead volume None

Known aliases: isolation valve, shutoff valve


SWITCH series

Channels are linked two by two.

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VS1-4 Channels
Cut view of the 4-port switch valve

Position 1

VS1-4 Channels
VS1-4 Channels
VS1-6 Channels
VS1-6 Channels

Internal volume 2.32 μL

Carryover volume 0.55 μL

Dead volume None

Known aliases for VS1-6: 6-port/3-channel valve, switch valve, loop valve

Other configurations are available upon request.

Valve heads are interchangeable.

The wetted materials being PTFE and PCTFE, the valves offer an exceptional compatibility to most chemicals and biological samples.

Model specifications

Configuration Power Rotation time for 180° Weight (total module) Dimensions
Low power motor 5-10 VDC, 0.5 A peak 1.5 s 300 g 29 x 38.3 x 111.8 mm
Fast motor 18-24 VDC, 2 A peak 400 ms 650 g 42.3 x 60 x 95.9 mm

Other specifications

Operating temperature 5-40°C (41-104°F)
Operating humidity 20-80%, non condensing
Maximum pressure 5 bars (72 psi)
Wetted materials PTFE, PCTFE
Channel diameter 0.5 mm (0.020 in) / 0.4-1 mm (0.015-0.039 in) available upon request
Internal volume 2.32-2.84 μL port-to-port (Configuration dependent)
Carryover volume 0.55-1.07 μL port-to-port (Configuration dependent)
Dead volume None
Tube port fittings Standard 1/4-28 UNF, flat-bottom
Electrical interface USB mini (RS-232, RS-485 upon request)
Communication type Serial communication or I2C

Compatible accessories

Additional valve heads

Microfluidic kits