Product tip

Remember when we showed you that you could easily change the valve yourself on our standalone valves? Well you can also change the syringes on our pumps without our help. That way, you can have 1 system for several experiments!

Check it out here.

OEM feature – temperature control

Do you need to heat your reagents during the reaction, but at the same time wish to store your reagents in a cool area to increase its lifetime?
Does a short temperature increase accelerate your reaction?

We can help you achieve that with our incubator! It fits directly around our syringes for an optimised heating process and minimal footprint.

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AMF on Direct Industry

Our products are now showcased on a major industrial components platform: Direct Industry.
Be sure to check out our stand on this platform.

Choosing the right materials

Ever wondered why we choose certain materials and what they can bring you?
Need help choosing the right material combination within our products for your applications?
Check out this new guide!

AMF @ SLAS ’19

We’ll be visiting SLAS in Washington from February 4th to Wednesday February 6th. Make sure to get in touch if you want to meet up!

Product tip

Our products have been designed to allow you to change parts on your own. Whether you need to replace a used valve or if you just want to change model, here is a quick guide to show you how things are done with our standalone valves.
You can see for yourself how easy it is!

Success story

Thanks to Tzu-Keng Chiu from Ace Medical Technology for trusting us:
“We designed a cell separation system, the AMF’s rotary valve helped us to solve the microfluidic problem in the system, and sales service is excellent.”

Product launch

We’re launching our 10 and 12-port distribution valves.
You have no excuse not to try these out!