What do you need for your instrument?

We’ve got OEM syringe pumps which are perfect to integrate in another instrument. Look at all the models on our website, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need a custom adaptation. We make everything ourselves, we can change everything !

Thanks for the MWC

It was great being at the Microfluidics & Point-Of-Care World Congress with our distributor Zimmer & Peacock. Using their biosensors, a flow cell and our pump, you can make automate great experiments and instruments. Don’t forget to check them out too!

AMF @ Microfluidics & Point-of-Care World Congress

We’ll be visiting the Microfluidics & Point-of-Care World Congress in Coronado Island (San Diego) on October 1st-3rd. You can find us at our distributor’s stand, Zimmer and Peacock Ltd
Looking forwards to meeting with you over there!


AMF @ Miptec

We’ll be at Miptec in Basel on Wednesday September 12th. Who’ll be around to grab a coffee? Contact us by email or LinkedIn if you want to meet up!

Online water analysis

With our PTFE valve and borosilicate glass, it’s possible to use standard chemical reagents to analyse different parameters in drinking and waste water.
We’ve tested this out before in our application note!

Features examples

There are lots of different things that we can do when we start automating microfluidics. You can find the different features that our modules do in this little infography. If you’re looking for anything else, we can also create a new feature just for you. What do you think?


How can you use syringe pumps and rotary valves?

Don’t know whether you could use precision syringe pumps and rotary valves in your industry? Not sure how you could add this to your instrument or setup?
Check out our updated applications page, it might give you some ideas!

Success story

Professor Alexandra Homsy has used the LSPone in her courses with students at the HE-ARC university in Switzerland: “Much easier to setup and use than any other pump I have used”
View the application note on her experiment!