Custom Engineered Distribution / Switch Rotary Valve by AMF
Apr 2024

Revolutionizing Microfluidics with AMF’s Innovative Distribution / Switch Rotary Valve

At Advanced Microfluidics (AMF), we leverage innovation and precision engineering to deal with the most challenging problems in the microfluidic domain. Our latest custom solution designed for a leading organ-on-a-chip technology provider: the all-in-one Distribution / Switch Rotary Valve. This custom-engineered product is setting new standards in biological and medical research efficiency.

The necessity of microfluidic valves in advanced research

In the field of organ-on-a-chip, accurate fluid management is key. Our approach with the Recirculation Rotary Valve shifts the complexity from chip design to the valve system. This method simplifies the microchip while enhancing the valve’s capabilities, ensuring reproducibility and precision. By relocating complex fluid dynamics from the chip to the valve, we optimize chip production and increase experimental accuracy, emphasizing the valve’s critical role in modern biological simulations (such as immunoassay and biotin/streptavidin functionalization for example).

The limitations of conventional approaches

Typically, microfluidic systems use separate mechanisms for fluid distribution and switching, leading to increased complexity, size, and operational costs. Moreover, the traditional methods can apply too much stress on delicate cell samples,which can lead to inaccurate results. This is particularly problematic in fields where precision is key, such as in studying the behaviors and properties of cells in life-like conditions.

AMF’s custom Distribution / Switch Rotary Valve – A game changer

AMF has crafted a unique solution with its custom Distribution / Switch Rotary Valve, merging the tasks of fluid distribution and switching into one efficient device.

AMF - Tech notes-5-Distribution:Switch-Custom-Valve
Displayed is the rotor, meticulously designed to redirect fluid to either the distribution or switch channel:

AMF - Tech notes-6-Distribution:Switch-Custom-Valve

This valve remains open, except during rotation, offering two distinct paths (functions) simultaneously.

AMF - Tech notes-4-Distribution/Switch-Custom-Valve
It allows for precise control over fluid flow, enabling researchers to direct where and when fluids move within a system. This capability is essential for conducting complex experiments that require the sequential or simultaneous handling of multiple fluid streams. It also facilitates automation and enhances reproducibility, as it reduces manual intervention and the potential for human error, making experiments more reliable and efficient.

This innovative approach leads to more streamlined systems that lower costs, reduce reagent waste through smarter recirculation, reduced system footprint, aligning with budget considerations and sustainability goals. Additionally, our design prioritizes the gentle handling of cells, ensuring controlled shear stress, crucial for maintaining the integrity of delicate samples like circulating tumor cells (CTCs). This valve not only enhances the precision of experiments but also contributes significantly to the advancement of research methodologies.

Customization at the heart of AMF

AMF believes in customization to meet specific research needs. Our Recirculation Rotary Valve exemplifies this, offering adaptability and precision for bespoke microfluidic systems.

We understand that off-the-shelf products often fall short in meeting specific requirements of cutting-edge research and development. Hence, we focus on developing custom-made fluidics and / or functions with our components and systems solutions. Everything can be customized, from the valve, to the connectivity, to the software, … wherever you are, at each step of your project, we are here to support you.

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