Advanced Microfluidic Systems for Enhanced Liquid Handling
Feb 2024

Optimizing Microfluidics with Enhanced Liquid Handling

Microfluidics has been a game changer in liquid handling technologies. At Advanced Microfluidics, we leverage cutting-edge microfluidics valves to drive forward the capabilities of fluid manipulation with unprecedented precision.

Innovative Sequential Flow with Rotary Valves

Our LSPone and SPM systems (syringe pump with integrated rotary valve) embody the integration of sophisticated rotary valves along with a high precision syringe pump, allowing for the management of different liquids sequentially into any setup. With options of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ports, our versatile rotary valves are the heart of the system, providing a seamless and automated distribution of fluids for a myriad of applications.

Sequential Liquid Handling in Action: Revolutionizing Chemical Synthesis

Based on the remarkable article published by M. Arveiler and his team on Reaction Chemistry & Engineering [1], we explore the application of 2 SPMs’ in an experimental setting. They are pivotal for their precise automation capabilities. It orchestrates the liquid handling with an integrated 12-port distribution valve, enabling automated sequential dispensing for complex multi-step chemical processes.

Each port serves a distinct purpose in the sequential flow strategy, creating a symphony of fluid dynamics:

AMF - Mael Arveiller - Revolutionizing Chemical Processes - A New Era of Sequential Flow Strategy - AMF 4
The operation begins with the precise collection of the model mixture and the HCl solution, moving through the extraction/separation module. Following the initial phase separation, the aqueous phase undergoes basification, and a second extraction phase ensues, culminating in the recovery of the target compounds.

This article’s use of SPMs’ provides an exemplary demonstration of its automated sequential liquid handling potential. It stands as a testament to the efficiency and sophistication that can be brought to diverse applications across various scientific disciplines, made possible by the advanced capabilities of automated systems.

Streamlined Efficiency with Minimal Footprint

The integration of distribution valves into the LSPone and SPM systems exemplifies our commitment to efficiency and space-saving design. This all-in-one instrument not only saves valuable bench space but also simplifies operation, enabling a smooth and repeatable liquid handling process.

The Advanced Microfluidics Edge: A Symphony of Fluid Control

Our microfluidics solutions ensure that every liquid is dispensed with meticulous precision. This harmony of control, timing, space efficiency, and automation is the trademark of our products, delivering unparalleled results in diverse fields of application.

Explore the Pinnacle of Microfluidic Valve Technology

Dive into the world of Advanced Microfluidics’ microvalve systems, where each component is designed for optimal performance:
Minimized Reagent Consumption: Our microfluidic valves are engineered to reduce reagent use, cutting costs without compromising quality.

  • Unmatched Cleanability: With high cleanability and minimal contamination risks, our valves ensure the integrity of every experiment.
  • Easy Integration: Standardized connections mean our valves fit effortlessly into any custom microfluidics setup.
  • Durability and Compatibility: Choose from materials like PTFE and UHMW-PE for chemical compatibility and mechanical stability.

Unparalleled Advantages of Advanced Microfluidics’ Valves

Our microfluidic valves offer critical benefits that set them apart in the industry:

  • Low Internal Volume & Low Carryover Volume: Featuring channel diameters down to 0.25 mm, our valves significantly minimize liquid mixing. This design choice leads to reagent conservation and slashes carryover to a mere 1.5 µL, ensuring efficient and precise fluid handling.
  • Zero Dead Volumes: Precision manufacturing eliminates dead volume, reducing contamination risks and ensuring the purity of your liquids.
  • Plug-and-Play Functionality: Our valves, including those on the RVM Electric Rotary Valve and the SPM OEM Microdispenser, offer simple installation and maintenance, with minimal downtime.
  • Optimized Materials: With options like PTFE for chemical inertness and UHMW-PE for mechanical resilience, our valves meet the highest standards of durability and compatibility.

Customization at the Core of Microfluidics

At Advanced Microfluidics, custom microfluidics isn’t just a service; it’s the foundation of our innovation. Whether it’s adapting to the unique requirements of a liquid recirculation experiment or integrating into existing systems as sub-assembly, our OEM products are designed to fit your precise needs.

Embrace the synergy of precision-engineered microfluidic valves and the expertise of Advanced Microfluidics for your liquid handling applications. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation is your pathway to unparalleled experimentation and process control.

Check our LSPone and RVM page to configure your microfluidics components, or visit our custom section if you’re wondering how to create your microfluidics setup.



[1] Maël Arveiler, An innovative sequential flow platform for automated multi-step chemical processes – proof of concept with the separation of amine/alkene model mixtures.
React. Chem. Eng., 2023,8, 2856-2865,

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