RVM Microfluidic Electric Rotary Valve

The ultra-low internal volume rotary valve for automated microfluidics

Our OEM valve is a precise low-pressure electric rotary valve designed for automated microfluidic applications. Its exceptionally small channels and accurate positioning system make it ideal for precise liquid handling. There is a wide possibility to customize your RVM with choice of the microfluidic valve design, material, channel diameter, and number of ports. It is also possible to customize the motor type: A low power model exists for a minimum battery use and a fast one exists for your time-specific applications.

This is an OEM product. It can be tailored for the needs of your instrument.

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Precise microfluidic automation system

High precision sensors and possibility to choose the motor type adapted to your needs

  • Integrated sensor: the position sensor is directly integrated into the valve to ensure precise valve positioning. An automatic procedure at power-up allows the valve to know its precise location.
  • Choose the motor according to your needs between the fast model for port switching speed time down to 150ms or the low power model to reduce power consumption for better portable device integration and smaller power supply.

Wide range of microfluidic valve designed for reduced and exceptionally low internal volume


Valves from 6 ports to 12 ports, with different channel diameter, materials, and number of stages to be fully customized to your application needs

  • Minimal liquid contamination and no dead volume design, thanks to AMF unique in-house manufacturing process, and high-quality standards including manual final inspection
  • Easy Plug and Play, only two screw to remove for changing the valve on the motor.
  • Standard fluidic connections
  • Lowest internal volume of the market
  • Plug available in PTFE, designed for high chemical compatibility or in UHMW-PE, a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic
  • Ultra-Low carryover volume allowing fast liquid switching, reagent, and money savings thanks to the 2 stages valve design option available

Dynamic Rotary Manifold custom design: Integrate multiple flowpaths in a single piece

Our dynamic rotary manifolds ensure a limited footprint and increased ease of use. With a fixed part that allows for multiple inlets/outlets and a rotary part which creates various interconnections, many possibilities are now offered to you. We can work together to develop your specific design!

2x 6-port switch valve

One way to have two 6-port switch valves to move simultaneously is to combine them in a single valve head, actuated by the same motor.

This example is designed for 10-32 UNF, flat-bottom connectors.

4x on/off valve

To reduce the total footprint and allow for simultaneous switches, we can integrate 4 on-off valves in one head, which are fluidically independent. No need to have 4 motors and 4 controllers!

This example is designed for 1/4-28 UNF, flat-bottom connectors.

Additional information

Valve design

6-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm 2 stages ultra-low volume : V-D-2-6-050-C-P, 6-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-6-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 1mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-100-C-P, 10-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-050-C-U), 10-port Distribution Valve – 1mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-100-C-U), 12-port Distribution Valve – 0.50 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-050-C-U, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.50 mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-12-050-C-P, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.80 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-080-C-U, Switch Valve – 6-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-6-050-C-P, Switch Valve – 4-port 0.5 mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-S-1-4-050-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.50 mm PCTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-050-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.75 mm PCTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-075-C-P, On/Off Valve – 0.75 mm PTFE,PTFE: V-O-1-2-075-P-P, On/Off Valve – 4 stages 0.50mm PCTFE,PTFE : V-O-4-2-050-C-P


Electric Rotary Valve model and motor specifications

ReferenceConfigurationPowerWeightDimensionsMin. Switching time 180°PCB functionalities
P200-OLow power motor5-10 VDC, 0.5 A peak250 g29 x 38.3 x 111.8 mm1.5 sDriver, Encoder
P201-OFast motor18-24 VDC, 2 A peak450 g42.3 x 60 x 95.9 mm400 msDriver, Encoder
P211-OFast motor18-24 VDC, 2 A peak450 g42.3 x 60 x 95.9 mm400 msEncoder

Electric Rotary Valve other specifications

Operating temperature5-40°C (41-104°F)
Operating humidity20-80%, non-condensing
Maximum pressure7 bars (102 psi)
Wetted materialsPTFE or UHMW-PE, PCTFE
Channel diameter0.5 mm (0.020 in) or 1 mm (0.039 in) (other upon request)
Internal volume2.5 - 13.7 μL port-to-port (Configuration dependent)
Carryover volume0.55 - 6.7 μL port-to-port (Configuration dependent)
Dead volumeNone
Tube port fittingsStandard 1/4-28 UNF, flat-bottom
Electrical interfaceUSB mini, 9-pin D-Sub
Communication typeSerial, I2C (other upon request)

Electric Rotary Valve – Distribution valve specifications

Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-U
Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-P
Ref. V-D-1-12-080-C-U
Number of stage111
Number of ports121212
Internal volume
4.5/3.4 μL4.5/3.4 µL11.6/8.8 µL
Carryover volume
2.8/1.78 μL2.8/1.767 µL
7.0/4.3 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm0,8 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars7 bars
Ref. V-D-1-10-050-C-U
Ref. V-D-1-10-100-C-U
Number of stage11
Number of ports1010
Internal volume4,5 µL18,1 µL
Carryover volume2,8 µL11 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm1 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars
Ref. V-D-1-8-050-C-P
Ref. Ref. V-D-1-8-100-C-U
Number of stage11
Number of ports88
Internal volume3,5 µL18,1 µL
Carryover volume2,6 µL11 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm1 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

Ref. V-D-1-6-050-C-P

Ref. V-D-2-6-050-C-P
Number of stage12
Number of ports66
Internal volume3,5 µL5,2 µL
Carryover volume2,6 µL1,5 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

Electric Rotary Valve – On/Off valve specifications

Ref. V-O-1-2-050-C-P
Ref. V-O-1-2-075-C-P
Ref. V-O-1-2-075-P-P
Ref. V-O-4-2-050-C-P

Number of stage1114
Number of ports2222
Internal volume3 μL6,6 µL6,6 µL3 µL
Carryover volume
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,75 mm0,75 mm0,5 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars7 bars7 bars

Electric Rotary Valve – Switch valve specifications

Ref. V-S-1-4-050-C-P

Ref. V-S-1-6-050-C-P
Number of stage11
Number of ports46
Wetted materialsPCTFE, PTFEPCTFE, PTFE
Internal volume2,5 μL2,8 µL
Carryover volume
0,6 μL0,8 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

Application and technical notes

>> Microfluidic samples preparation

Samples preparation for online liquid analysis with chemical reaction.

>> Microfluidic Flow Cytometry

Microfluidic flow cytometry application for bacteria online monitoring in drinking water using BactoSense technology

Operating manual and maintenance

>> RVM Electric Rotary Valve datasheet

>> RVM Electric Rotary valve Operating Manual