AMF - Microfluidic droplets generation using two LSPone Syringe Pump

Microfluidic droplets generation using two LSPone Syringe Pump


Our LSPone syringe pump can be used to interact with a chip. In this example, a droplet generation chip is used. It requires two simultaneous flows, thus two LSPones.

By changing the flow rates of both pumps, and the ratio between both flow rates, one can change the droplets’ sizes. It is possible to connect multiple liquids at the entrance of the LSPone. This allows you to dilute liquids before doing droplets with the mixture. You could also automate a sequence of droplets of different liquids with a single syringe pump.

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How are droplets formed?

The most commun chip designs to create droplets are a t-shaped junction or a flow-focusing junction. In both cases, two different phases are required (oil and liquid) at specific flow rates.



Flow-focusing junction


What is my setup?

Requirement component:

  • Computer
  • LSPone x2
  • Microfluidic chip
  • Water & oil
  • Waste reservoir
  • Connectors & tubings


What chip am I using?

In this setup, we are using a droplet generation chip from microfluidic ChipShop (product number: 13-1007-0440-02), with a flow-focusing junction. The top left part is connected to the oil, and the water passes through the serpentine in the middle. Thus water droplets are created in the oil carrier.



Possible applications

  • Encapsulation of cells, DNA or magnetic beads for research, analysis and diagnostics
  • Protein crystallisation
  • Drug delivery via polymer particles and drug formulation
  • Bulk precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams for foods and cosmetics
  • Nanoparticles, paints and polymer particles
  • Droplet, emulsion, bubble or particle academic research

This list has been taken from Dolomite Microfluidics’ website

What’s in it for you?

  • An easy-to-use pump (well, 2 even!)
  • An intuitive software
  • A simple, efficient apparatus for proof-of-concept droplet experiments
  • A cost-friendly solution
Made in Switzerland
10+ years of experience
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