MAN – Rotary Manifold

The dynamic rotary manifold

Integrate multiple flow paths in a single piece

Only examples are shown on this page. We can create your own designs.


Our dynamic rotary manifolds ensure a limited footprint and increased ease of use. With a fixed part that allows for multiple inlets/outlets and a rotary part which creates various interconnections, many possibilities are now offered to you.

With very precise designs and machining, Teflon materials and no dead volume, we ensure contamination-free experiments and instruments. We can work together to develop your your specific design!


  • Excellent biochemical compatibility
  • Optimised to limit contamination
  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Light and compact
  • Swiss quality


  • Sample preparation automation
  • Multiplexing
  • Sample loops
  • Adapted for battery operated devices


  • Select channel
  • Change flow path
  • Simultaneous flow switches

Example models

2x 6-port switch valve

One way to have two 6-port switch valves to move simultaneously is to combine them in a single valve head, actuated by the same motor.

This example is designed for 10-32 UNF, flat-bottom connectors.

4x on/off valve

To reduce the total footprint and allow for simultaneous switches, we can integrate 4 on-off valves in one head, which are fluidically independent. No need to have 4 motors and 4 controllers!

This example is designed for 1/4-28 UNF, flat-bottom connectors.