Microfluidics & IVD innovation at CFBI & ECCMID - Barcelona 2024
Apr 2024

Barcelona Hosts CFBI and ECCMID 2024 Events in Microfluidics and IVD

Barcelona is gearing up to host a series of significant events that spotlight the growing field of microfluidics, a technology pivotal in revolutionizing various scientific and medical processes. Advanced Microfluidics (AMF) is set to make an appearance at these events, beginning with the CFBI Microfluidics Consortium 2024.

At this event, Christophe Przybyla, the Head of Marketing at AMF, will participate in a key session “Alongside industry leaders” which is scheduled for April 25 from 02:15 PM to 04:00 PM. This session will feature discussions alongside prominent companies like Emulseo, Microfluidics Innovation Hub, and Z-microsystems, providing a platform for sharing insights and advancements in microfluidic technologies.

Following the consortium, Christophe will represent AMF at the ECCMID 2024 conference, which also takes place in Barcelona. This event is essential for professionals in the Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology sectors. Here, we will explore new developments in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and uncover how microfluidics is increasingly integral to medical advancements.

These participations underscore our commitment to innovation and their role in driving the industry forward. Both events offer unique opportunities for collaboration and showcasing new technologies that could define future trends in healthcare and biological sciences.

Let’s seize this opportunity to connect at these pivotal events!

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