SPM – Zero dead volume dilutor – OLD


  • Zero dead volume
  • High accuracy liquid sampling and dispensing
  • Automated cleaning capability
  • Designed for automation
  • High dilution ratio
  • Easy air removal
  • Chemically resistant materilas
  • Small footprint 190 x 120 x 42 mm
  • No need for sampling loops
  • Optional: regulated heating/cooling


Thanks to its zero dead volume valve, our SPM syringe pump is more accurate, easier to clean, and reduces cross-contamination between liquids compared to competing laboratory pumps. Our dilutor can replace a complex system with multiple pumps, valves, sampling loops and cumbersome cleaning systems, thus drastically simplifying your microfluidic automation. With only one dilutor, you will obtain a high flexibility and degree of automation. Compact, robust and self-cleaning fluidic automation is now achievable.