Microfluidic Distribution Valves

Distribution Valve from 6 to 12 Port available in 0.50 mm, 0.8 and 1 mm channel diameter, and several materials options. Custom options available upon request.

Unique distribution valve geometry designed for ultra-low internal volume and no dead volume.

  • Minimized reagent consumption and decreased experiment’s cost : ULTRA LOW INTERNAL VOLUMES
  • High cleanability and prevented cross contamination risks and biofilm formation : NO DEAD VOLUMES
  • Standard microfluidic connections and easy OEM integration in your device : PLUG AND PLAY
  • High chemical compatibility and strong stability to mechanical movements : OPTIMIZED MATERIALS
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Our Distribution Microfluidic Valve are designed with precision and accuracy, this valve is the perfect solution for your fluidic setup and liquid handling distribution needs.

Our Distribution Microfluidic Valve offers unparalleled control over the flow of fluids, with minimal liquid contamination, no dead volume and the lowest internal volume of the market allowing fast liquid switching, reagent and money savings.

Its compact size and robust design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from laboratory research to industrial processing.

We offer a wide range of distribution microfluidic valves design, from 6 to 12-port distribution, but also several channel diameter and materials options.

Additionally, the valve can be easily integrated into existing microfluidic systems, making it a versatile and convenient solution for all your distribution needs.

  • Minimal liquid contamination and no dead volume design, thanks to AMF unique in-house manufacturing process, and high-quality standards including manual final inspection
  • Easy Plug and Play, only two screw to remove for changing the valve on the motor
  • Standard fluidic connections
  • Ultra-Low carryover volume allowing fast liquid switching, reagent, and money savings thanks to the 2 stages valve design option available
  • Lowest internal volume of the market
  • Plug available in PTFE, designed for high chemical compatibility

Additional information

Valve Design

6-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm 2 stages ultra-low volume : V-D-2-6-050-C-P, 6-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-6-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 0.5mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-050-C-P, 8-port distribution – 1mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-8-100-C-U, 10-port Distribution Valve – 0.5mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-050-C-U, 10-port Distribution Valve – 1mm PCTFE, UHMW-P : V-D-1-10-100-C-U, 12-port Distribution Valve – 0.50 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-050-C-U, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.50 mm PCTFE, PTFE : V-D-1-12-050-C-P, 12-port Distribution Valve -0.80 mm PCTFE, UHMW-PE : V-D-1-12-080-C-U, Custom Design


6-Port Distribution Valve

Ref. V-D-1-6-050-C-P

Ref. V-D-2-6-050-C-P
Number of stage12
Number of ports66
Internal volume3,5 µL5,2 µL
Carryover volume2,6 µL1,5 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

8-Port Distribution Valve

Ref. V-D-1-8-050-C-P
Ref. Ref. V-D-1-8-100-C-U
Number of stage11
Number of ports88
Internal volume3,5 µL18,1 µL
Carryover volume2,6 µL11 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm1 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

10-Port Distribution Valve

Ref. V-D-1-10-050-C-U
Ref. V-D-1-10-100-C-U
Number of stage11
Number of ports1010
Internal volume4,5 µL18,1 µL
Carryover volume2,8 µL11 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm1 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars

12-Port Distribution Valve

Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-U
Ref. V-D-1-12-050-C-P
Ref. V-D-1-12-080-C-U
Number of stage111
Number of ports121212
Internal volume
4.5/3.4 μL4.5/3.4 µL11.6/8.8 µL
Carryover volume
2.8/1.78 μL2.8/1.767 µL
7.0/4.3 µL
Channel ø

0,5 mm0,5 mm0,8 mm
Max Pressure7 bars7 bars7 bars

Application and technical notes