Evaluation Kits

These evaluation kits are composed of standard references only. If you need something more specific after your preliminary tests, please get in touch. It is also feasible to combine various models as with our rotary manifolds.

K200 Evaluation Kit - Design

The K200 evaluation kit has been picked specifically to allow you to test different valve designs for the various building blocs of your fluidics.

  • V-D-1-6-050-C-P allows you to test cross-contamination with a carryover volume as low as 1.5ul
  • V-D-1-10-100-C-U permits you to test bigger channels in the valve if you have issue with particles, precipitates or salt, or if you need a greater flow rate through the valve
  • V-S-1-4-050-C-P lets you test a different channel geometry on the rotor. It can be used either to combine 2 paths or simply as a 3-way valve
  • V-O-1-2-050-C-P enables you to use a simple on/off valve with the same technology as you will be using in the rest of your setup

K201 Evaluation Kit - Materials

The K201 evaluation kit has been picked specifically to allow you to evaluate whether the different rotor materials that we offer have an impact for your solution.

In general, a PTFE rotor has a greater biochemical compatibility but a shorter lifetime as a UHMPW-PE rotor. This can however depend on the specific liquids that you will be using in your setup.