SPM – Zero dead volume dilutor

The all-in-ONE syringe pump

Handle delicate samples with great precision

This is an OEM product. It can be tailored for the needs of your instrument.


Our OEM syringe pump is a high-precision dosing device for automated microfluidic applications. The high-accuracy dosing and nearly-pulseless flow stream capabilities make it the perfect tool for multiple liquid handling in the range of milliliter down to nanoliter.

The integrated zero dead volume selection valve allows you to handle multiple fluids with one syringe pump thanks to the high cleaning efficiency and low carryover. Coupled with its ease of use, this syringe pump is thus the ideal companion for your instruments and laboratory experiments at a reduced investment cost.


  • Straightforward integration
  • Small footprint
  • Simple air removal
  • Chemically resistant and biocompatible materials
  • Integrated 6-port distribution valve


  • Sample preparation automation
  • Industry
  • Lab-on-chip
  • Research & Education
  • Biological sample handling
  • Accurate flow streams of fluids
  • High-precision sampling and dosing


  • Dilute samples or reagents
  • Aspirate liquids
  • Dispense liquids
  • Control the flow rate
  • Prepare complex mixes
  • Alternate air / liquid samples


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Technical specifications

Valves specifications

Ref.ConfigurationWetted materialsInternal vol.Carryover vol.Fluid path diameterMax. pressure
VD2-66-ports ultra-low carryover volumePCTFE,PTFE4.45 μL1.4 μL0.5 mm5 bars
VD1-66-ports low carryover volumePCTFE,PTFE4.24 μL2.47 μL0.5 mm5 bars

6-ports ultra-low carryover volume

6-ports low carryover volume

Other configurations are available upon request.

Valve heads are interchangeable.

Syringes specifications

ReferenceVolumePlunger materialsMin. flow rateMax. flow rateMin dosing volume
S25-P25 μLPTFE0.25 μL/min750 μL/min0.05 μL
S50-P50 μLPTFE0.5 μL/min1'500 μL/min0.1 μL
S100-P or S100-U100 μLPTFE or UHMW-PE1 μL/min3'000 μL/min0.2 μL
S250-P or S250-U250 μLPTFE or UHMW-PE2.5 μL/min8'000 μL/min0.5 μL
S500-P or S500-U500 μLPTFE or UHMW-PE5 μL/min15'000 μL/min1 μL
S1000-P or S1000-U1000 μLPTFE or UHMW-PE10 μL/min30'000 μL/min2 μL

The wetted materials being PTFE, PCTFE and borosilicate glass, the pump offers an exceptional compatibility to most chemicals and biological samples.

It is possible to add a heating/cooling module around the syringe to suit your specific application.

Pump specifications

Operating temperature5-40°C (41-104°F)
Operating humidity20-80%, non condensing
Max. pressure5 bars (72 psi)
Wetted materialsPTFE, PCTFE and borosilicate glass
Dead volumeNone
Carryover volume< 1.5 μL
Plunger travel30 mm with 96'000 micro-steps for nearly pulseless flow
Plunger resolutionSelectable 3'000 steps (standard) / 24'000 steps (high)
Plunger driveScrew drive with linear encoder for step loss detection
Valves configurationZero dead-volume multi-port distribution with angular encoder
Tube port fittingsStandard 1/4-28 UNF, flat-bottom
Cross-contaminationTypically from 1/100 to 1/1000 per cleaning cycle
Accuracy< 1% deviation from expected value at full stroke
InterfaceUSB mini, RS-232, RS-485
Communication typeSerial, I2C (other upon request)
Power18-24 VDC, 2.2 A peak, 40 W / 18 VDC optimised for battery use
Time for full stroke1 - 3'000 seconds
Dimensions199.7 x 126.3 x 50.5 mm
Weight1.5 kg

Compatible accessories

Additional valve heads

Microfluidic kits