ASP – Automated sample preparator

The sample preparator system tailored for you

Integrate the Swiss quality and precision in your system

Every model is adapted for you and you only, allowing us to satisfy your specific needs.


Our automated sample preparator allows you to produce the most challenging samples. Combining two of our own technologies, a uniquely small carryover volume and a microbatch mixer, you can mix solutions in the most optimal way. The mixing chamber being directly integrated in the dispensing path, the rinsing of the system has never been easier!

Such a compact and simple architecture lets you easily integrate our technology in your system, creating a fully automated system with minimal components, at a lower cost and with a small footprint.


  • Straightforward integration
  • Easy to clean
  • Small footprint
  • Simple air removal
  • Small reagent quantities
  • Chemically resistant and biocompatible materials
  • Pressure and clogging sensing
  • Optional: syringe¬†heating/cooling
  • Flexible sample size and reagent quantity


  • Automate procedures with multiple liquids
  • Sample diluting
  • Automatic cleaning/rinsing
  • Tailored to YOUR application
  • Automatic change in concentration


  • Alternate air / liquid samples
  • Mix liquids
  • Dilute liquids
  • Aspirate liquids
  • Dispense liquids
  • Control the flow rate
  • Prepare complex reaction blends

Setup example