About us

Our story

All this began when someone needed a solution that didn't exist.

Our first partners were developing a complex lab automation project and could not find suitable components on the market. Knowing our passion for microfluidics, they approached us. Together, we developed a solution that specifically corresponded to their needs. Our first product was born, the automated sample preparator.

The know-how that resulted in this partnership enabled us to identify several additional market needs and develop more products. Thus Advanced Microfluidics was created.

Based in the heart of the Swiss watch and med-tech valley, in the EPFL innovation park, our team is committed to designing high-end, user-friendly fluidic solutions.

Our vision

As pioneers in the revolutionary link between microfluidics and automation, we bring together a field, long considered as purely academic, into the industrial sector. With our innovative solutions, we strive to keep our clients satisfied by delivering high-performing and quality products. We are aiming to be the new reference for industrial microfluidics.

The team

Our team joins the forces of experienced industry professionals with a long history of product development and young engineers eager to disrupt the status quo for microfluidics. Bringing the experience with the freshness and energy of the R&D team allows us to be more innovative and creative.

What is our expertise?

Each of our products is carefully designed to meet the greatest expectations. We pinpoint current design problems and innovate to overcome them. We design everything ourselves. Whether you look at the mechanics, electronics or software, we create our own “fabrication recipes”.

This control over the whole design process allows us to adapt to any specific needs quickly and efficiently. We create custom solutions for your problems, with Swiss quality and precision.

If we were to qualify our strengths in a few words, these would be:


In case you need a reminder or would simply like more information about microfluidics, please refer to the Basics of microfluidics page linked hereafter.