Biosensors Mini-Series – Flow Cytometry

Welcome to our mini “Biosensors Series”. We want to show how we can combine our modules with traditional biosensors to improve setups.

The first publication of our mini-series today is about flow cytometry. Footprint and necessary quantities for analysis are reduced by about 75%. Now have we got your attention?

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Good Cleaning Practices

When dealing with microfluidics, it’s important to rinse and clean your system regularly and properly to ensure quality over time.
What should I be cleaning with? This depends on your application. Here is a short guide that gives you some leads on where to start.

Zimmer and Peacock using the LSPone

Zimmer and Peacock have been using our LSPone with their flow cell, allowing for electrochemical monitoring.

Here’s what they say about it:
“At Zimmer and Peacock we have been providing a flow cell for our sensors for some time, but we have been missing a vital element, which was a versatile accurate pump, with no dead volume.

Therefore we were delighted to use the LSPone pump this week with our flow cell, screen printed electrodes and our AnaPot.

We were able to compare electrochemical process with and without flow and were delighted to discover that our processing became ‘better’ when flowing due to the constant replenishment of starting material and the constant removal of spent reagents.”

Product tip

Remember when we showed you that you could easily change the valve yourself on our standalone valves? Well you can also change the syringes on our pumps without our help. That way, you can have 1 system for several experiments!

Check it out here.

OEM feature – temperature control

Do you need to heat your reagents during the reaction, but at the same time wish to store your reagents in a cool area to increase its lifetime?
Does a short temperature increase accelerate your reaction?

We can help you achieve that with our incubator! It fits directly around our syringes for an optimised heating process and minimal footprint.

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AMF on Direct Industry

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Choosing the right materials

Ever wondered why we choose certain materials and what they can bring you?
Need help choosing the right material combination within our products for your applications?
Check out this new guide!

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