Advanced Microfluidics SA, expert in microfluidic automation solutions, announces the split of its medical business as an independent company AMF Medical SA

spin off amf medical and advanced microfluidics

This split operation will provide investors with greater visibility into the financial and operational structures of each company. 

AMF Medical SA built upon the Advanced Microfluidic’ assets and microfluidics expertise will focus its efforts on Sigi Insulin Pump Technology to address unmet medical needs in the growing and vital diabetes market.

Advanced Microfluidics SA remains focused on its mission of creating innovative, performant and robust microfluidic components for industries and laboratories, with the former engineering and operation core team with the appointment of a new CEO:  Maximilien Guérin.

The strategic goal of this operation is to create two focused companies to operate independently with a management team dedicated to provide the necessary foundation for long-term value creation of each company in their respective areas of expertise.

“After 6 years of microfluidic technologies development and bringing them successfully to the market with an important customer satisfaction and sales success, we are excited to see our two former activities scaling up rapidly and taking their own path to success. I wish all the best to AMF Medical with its innovative Insulin pump technologies, Sigi. At Advanced Microfluidics SA, we strive to put innovative microfluidic technologies for life science, medtech, diagnostic, biotech industries and laboratories. We aim to complete our Swiss army knife of microfluidic components and provide our expertise for fully tailored technologies according to your specific needs.”  Maximilien Guérin, CEO, Advanced Microfluidics SA.

“It has been a pleasure to develop the microfluidic automation and medical activities under one roof. The split under two separate legal entities, Advanced Microfluidics SA and AMF Medical SA will give more capabilities to each activity and enhance conditions for their strong pace growth. I am happy to hand over the driver seat to Maximilien Guérin as new CEO of Advanced Microfluidics SA and work hard with him as member of the board. I wish great success to the Advanced Microfluidics’ team. My main endeavor is from now on at AMF Medical as co-CEO together with Pim van Wesel.Antoine Barraud, Co-CEO, AMF Medical SA.

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