Online microbial cell count



We are specialised in automating sample preparations, but if you choose the right partners, you can realise amazing products.

Our partner bNovate develops an automated flow cytometer for online monitoring of microbial cell number in drinking water. They use our systems to prepare their samples for analysis and limit the reagent quantities that are needed. 

The module that we designed for them includes a syringe pump (with rotary valve), a mixing module and a heating/cooling block that lodges itself around the syringe.


What is the innovation?

Currently, the quality of water is measured after distribution with plating methods that take 3-5 days and measure only 1% of bacteria. This is an expensive and ineffective solution.

The BactoSense is revolutionalising this by giving an online solution that can be connected before distribution, takes only 20 minutes and measures 99.9% of microbial cells in water!

What is my setup?

Required components:

  • Microfluidics - AMF sample preparation module
  • Analog and digital electronics
  • Optics
  • Biology and biochemistry
  • Embedded software and graphical interface

What parameters am I measuring?

Here are several standard parameters to quantify water cleanliness:

  • Total microbial cell count (TCC)
  • Water "fingerprint" and cell size ratio (LNA/HNA)


What's in it for you?

  • Fully automatic system
  • Simple cartridge concept
  • Intelligent operating unit
  • User-friendly maintenance concept